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You've Got the Power Trilogy

Unleash your full potential and live the life of your dreams now!

YOU'VE GOT THE POWER – Part 1 will teach you how to:

Unclutter your life

Get rid of negativity, toxic people and bad habits

Understand the power of your subconscious mind

Adopt the mindset of extremely successful people

Establish a powerful Plan of Action

Use the law of attraction to always get what you want

Increase your self-motivation for on-going success


We all have what it takes to succeed but only a few know the secrets to achieving tremendous levels of success. If you are reading this, it's because you are ready to unleash your greatness, to become a better you and to change your life. The first part of the You've Got the Power Trilogy will guide you through the three fundamental steps to creating your best life.

You must understand, that the key to ultimate achievement has very little to do with your education, background or current situation. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a working dad, an entrepreneur, a student or even unemployed, You've Got the Power will serve your purpose if you are looking for valuable knowledge, strong motivation and answers to your questions.

YOU'VE GOT THE POWER – Part 2 will teach you how to:

Control your feelings and emotions

Develop self-discipline

Overcome laziness and procrastination

Always finish what you start

Manage your time effectively to increase productivity

Maximize your brain potential

Organize your ideas and projects


How do you go from living an ordinary life to living an extraordinary life? How can some people go from having nothing to having it all? What does it take to succeed? Have you ever asked yourself these questions? I bet you have. We all have. Even though successful living contains many ingredients, one of the common denominators of success is self-discipline.

Taking control of your own life and being disciplined in your work will catapult you to

success. Part 2 of the You've Got the Power series was created for those who want to learn the keys to self-discipline and self-control. If you want to become the powerful person that you know you can be, this second part will give you the essentials for living a life of excellence.

YOU'VE GOT THE POWER – Part 3 will teach you how to:

Let go of the emotional baggage that's blocking you

Stay spiritually connected as you reach your dreams

Find peace of mind when everything around you seems hectic

Stay grounded and connected to the source

Become the happiest person you know



When you’ve worked as hard as you have, tried as much as you have, got on your knees and prayed when no one was listening, cried tears of pain because giving up seemed like the best solution, yet the idea of giving up was not an option. If you've been there or if you are there right now, part 3 of the You've Got the Power Trilogy was created just for you. This third and last part of the You've Got the Power series will help you understand the missing piece to the puzzle — the reason why you haven't reached your goals yet.

You're working hard every day, yet it seems like nothing is happening, like you are not moving forward. This audio will help you pin point what you are doing wrong, change it and start achieving great levels of success. However, the last audio of the You've Got the Power Trilogy is not only about success, it is also about peace of mind, happiness and balance. You can have all the success in the world, and be miserable if on the inside, you are not at peace, happy and well balanced.



The new version of YOU’VE GOT THE POWER will be launching in June 2018


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