Keys To A Balanced Life

How to have balance in your life? Such a commonly asked question in these times, when we are trying to do it all, and at the same time. I believe in a life of balance, but I also believe that in order for genius to happen, sometimes a little hecticness is necessary. Let me explain. I often talk with my colleagues in the online marketing industry about how hectic a launch is, whether it be the launch of a book, an online program, a course, a conference, whatever, we all know that the two weeks before the launch is of pure frenzy, especially when they are big launches of 6-7 or even 8 figures, and where a lot of people are involved as affiliates. Anyone who has ever successfully launched something major knows that before and during the launch, you eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner, barely sleep, don’t shower for days, completely disconnected from the outside world and talk to no one! Your life for two weeks revolves around launching your baby to the world.
There is a myth around balance. Balance is important most of the time but there must be exceptions, especially if you are trying to reach levels of greatness. Do you think Picasso, Albert Einstein or Leonardo da Vinci had balance in their lives? Of course not, because craziness is at times what it takes to succeed. Balance normally means 50% for personal / 50% for professional. However, there will be times when 100% is necessary and required for professional and other times when 100% is necessary and required for personal.

That being said, in this week’s episode I share with you 3 things that you can do to still reach a certain level of balance in your life.

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