Bestselling Author
International Speaker
Certified Life Coach
CEO and Founder at A.V.A. Enterprises
Passionate Advocate and Activist For The Empowerment, Education, Rights and FUTURE of Girls and Women Everywhere

Alexandra Villarroel Abrego is a Canadian trilingual businesswoman, CEO at A.V.A. Enterprises, certified life coach, bestselling author, international speaker and passionate activist. She inspires and empowers women all over the world to be successful and fulfilled in every aspect of their lives.

Alexandra has been on an international speaking circuit since 2010, giving conferences in three languages (French, English and Spanish) nationally in her native Canada and internationally in North America, South America and Europe.

In addition to her live conferences and appearances, she also has a very strong presence and following online. Alexandra has reached over seven million viewers in 145 countries around the world through her weekly online show AlexandraTV, broadcasted in English, French and Spanish, and the numbers continue to grow. AlexandraTV has become a go-to online resource when it comes to personal development, coaching, spirituality and success.

In 2012, Alexandra was chosen as the Canadian national role model for the Hooked On School High School Tour, an initiative of the Ministry of Immigration and Cultural Communities of Quebec, in collaboration with the Montreal Hooked on School organization. In 2016, YouTube announced its first-ever class of YouTube NextUp Canada creators.

Alexandra was chosen as one of the 15 creators that YouTube believes will be Canada’s next big online video stars.

Alexandra is also the founder of A.V.A. Coaching, the world’s leading online coaching institute for education transformation and growth offering an array of world-class personal development, business and coaching products, programs and courses, such as A.V.A. Academy, The School of Freedom™, F.E.M.M. and many more. The programs are offered in English, French and Spanish.

Through her online show, coaching empire, magazine and newspaper articles, training programs, live conferences and books, Alexandra, has become a respected leader in the coaching and online marketing industry and is quickly becoming the new role model of this generation of women.


I am all for love, freedom and peace of mind.  

I believe that this journey that we are all in together, called the human experience, is about loving life, others and ourselves (the ultimate desire of the feminine energy within us all). It’s about living in complete and true freedom, by being able to do what we want, when we want, how we want (the ultimate desire of the masculine energy within us all). It’s about having total peace of mind and living in the present moment, not letting the past, future or external circumstances disturb that (the ultimate desire of the holy spirit within us all).  

Through our internationally syndicated show AlexandraTV, our array of world-class products and courses at A.V.A. Coaching, bestselling book and everything else that we do, our mission is to inspire, empower and teach people how to have and create more LOVE, FREEDOM and PEACE within and all around them. 


I believe I was chosen to do the work I do today, just like I believe you were born to accomplish your own mission. Your existence isn’t a coincidence; you have a very specific purpose on this Earth. Everything you’ve been through thus far has been preparing you for that moment that is to come, when you finally start using your gifts to contribute and make this world a better place.


At the age of 21, two years after my journey began, I made the decision that I was going to dedicate my entire life to making a difference. That every day, I was going to let the universe use me and my life for the greater good of the world. I remember vividly the moment I realized that what I had started was much bigger than myself, and that it was no longer about me, that it was about making the world a better place. 

My company and everything I do is built with that intention in mind. The intention to inspire and empower you to change your life and therefore change the world. It is only if we individually begin building the life of our dreams and becoming the best version of ourselves that we can inspire and help others to do the same.  

Whether you want to create a life full of freedom, love and peace of mind, become the person who always knew you could be, start or expend your dream business, improve your relationships, or become financially abundant in order to contribute in a positive way, we’re here to help you unleash your hidden potential, create the reality you most want and therefore be a beaming light of positivity, love and hope everywhere you go.


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