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With over 400 episodes, in English, French and Spanish, AlexandraTV is a go-to ressource for anyone who wants to learn some of the best coaching and personal development secrets and strategies to transform their life and get everything they want. Browse through our seasons and episodes to find the episodes that suit you best.


  • "Thanks to Alexandra's attentive listening, professionalism and especially generous heart, I quickly changed my working methods and achieved incredible results in just a few days. She is not only a talented coach, but also an example of love and respect for all the women of this world. I love her spiritual approach, turned towards love, collaboration and kindness. I feel really privileged to have been guided by Alexandra in my life’s projects. And I warmly thank her, because her help was instrumental in my progress towards success. Thank you, thank you, thank you Alexandra!"

    Nathalie Evrard
    Nathalie Evrard Botte Secrète Agency | Interior Architect • Home Decor YouTuber
  • "Through Alexandra’s coaching, her expertise and her powerful working methods, she helped me unleash my potential, get to know myself better and identify my life’s mission. She taught me step by step, how to achieve all my goals. Alexandra is an involved coach, working with compassion and love for others, helping people rise and reveal themselves in their best light to inspire and contribute to making this world a better place."

    Aurélie Narcisot
    Aurélie Narcisot Fitness and Health Blogger • Infopreneure
  • "Alexandra is an exceptional entrepreneur and human. She cares about the success of women. Her support, her generosity, her compassion and her expertise made my time with her extraordinary. She helped me position myself more strategically so that my message could reach more people. As she is always on the lookout for the latest trends and strategies that are truly effective, she offers us lessons that have taken her years to acquire and tailor to the current market. When I think of Alexandra, my heart is filled with gratitude. This woman has the ability to transform you into a better and more radiant version of yourself!”

    Martine Wilky
    Martine Wilky Author • Coach • Speaker
  • "Alexandra is an incredible coach and she will undoubtably take you to the next level in your professional life as well as in your personal life. She will open the doors of your consciousness fields. You will go each time a little further in your perception, in your reflection, in your actions. Be ready to expend to a higher level in all spheres of your life! I repeat it all the time: ”we can start alone, but we cannot grow alone". Alexandra is an outstanding coach but she is also a wonderful woman inside and out, extremely generous in both life and business."

    Sandrine Carles
    Sandrine Carles Entrepreneur • Coach • Speaker
  • "From the beginning of my work with Alexandra, she has been an exemplary coach, demonstrating a unique interest in helping me achieve my goals. I feel very supported by her in reaching my dreams and ambitions and I was able to advance much more quickly and with great confidence in my projects."

    Manal Idbali
    Manal Idbali Speaker • Coach • Founder of the blog CheminGagnant
  • "Alexandra is a very inspiring and innovative coach and mentor, with a big heart! She has inspired me to be proud of my femininity and of my personal and professional success. She has taught me how to develop a vision for my company while listening to my intuition and by using several tools that greatly help me today when it comes to taking action. I will always be grateful for everything she’s done, she is a model to follow! "

    Cristina Da Corte
    Cristina Da Corte Life Designer • Speaker
  • "Alexandra is an amazing coach! Thanks to her, I learned to manage my priorities in a very effective way. She also taught me how to balance my masculine and feminine energy and to respect myself. My time with her allowed me to grow so much that I decided to join her mastermind group F.E.M.M. where I discovered the power of sisterhood and collaboration between women, and also learned a lot about online marketing and social networks. Alexandra is definitely a phenomenal resource and a beyond inspiring model! Her coming into my life has literally increased my energy levels and my quality of life! Thank you Alexandra!"

    Cathy Noel
    Cathy Noel Founder of the FAMtastique movement • Coach • Author • Speaker
  • "I needed Alexandra’s help because I felt like my projects and goals were unclear. At the time, I was also going through difficult challenges in my personal life. Alexandra quickly helped me clarify my objectives, and make all the right decisions. Thanks to the programs Alexandra offers, as well as her coaching, I have made quantum leaps in my professional projects as well as in my sentimental life. She helped me in seeing the choices that needed to be made and most importantly she was of great understanding during every difficult moment in my life. She encouraged me to see the strength that was in me and to develop my gifts. Alexandra is for me a real source of inspiration and permanent motivation endowed with a professionalism and especially of a great humanity and empathy."

    Sonia Laroussi
    Sonia Laroussi Founder of Au Top De Ta Forme • Sports Coach


We are passionate about the empowerment, education, rights and FUTURE of girls and women. When you invest in improving and changing your own life through our work, you are improving and changing the lives of girls and women everywhere. With every product that you purchase, a percentage of your investment goes to the A.V.A. For The Future Foundation.


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